Sunday, December 28, 2008

What's in a schedule?

There are seven days in the week. At worst, I'll have to work for five of them. But when it's Sunday night, and I don't know which five days those might be for the coming week, I get kind of annoyed.

It sorta makes a girl feel like she's sitting around the house waiting for a boy to call for a date, but that boy doesn't really respect her enough to give her advance notice of when that might be, or what time she should meet him. In this case, it's a date she's getting paid to go on, but still....Is it only in the restaurant industry that your schedule's not made until the last possible minute? At previous places of employment, the schedule for the next week would come on Friday, and I thought that was bad. It's frustrating to have to put off making other plans because I'm waiting around to know what days I have to show up at work. Not that I have other plans, really. But that's not the point!

If only dating was actually my full time job. But I hear the tips aren't very good in that line of work.


Sarah said...

I think you're just dating the wrong people.
Also, you've just been tagged.

Errant Gosling said...

I agree, I think the tips for dating can be quite good.

But I understand. Even in the restaurant industry, however, they should be able to schedule further in advance than that. For the most part, the rushes don't change, and the busy nights are lop-sided to the latter half of the week. Waiting to set a schedule is either laziness on the part of the schedule-setter, or a means of playing favorites. Either way, I hope your boy calls soon.