Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sullivan Nod? More like Sullivan Fraud.

I have yet to master this so-called Sullivan nod. People look at me strangely and ask if I have a pain in my neck. Or suggest getting my bangs trimmed. Or become suspicious if I'm on drugs or have a random tick.

Yes, the subtle ten to fifteen degree nod that is supposed to subconsciously encourage customers to purchase a more expensive item from a list, I really need to work on.

My "Tap water or would you prefer sparkling mineral water?" I ask with a shifty eyed head swivel.

"Absolut martini, Stoli martini, or Greeey Goooose?" ends with me resting my chin in my chest like a snoozing pigeon and their request to sit at the bar after all.

I read the daily specials, punctuating the pricy duck confit with a crafty head twitch. Everyone orders pasta.

I've had enough of this bobble-head routine.

Sullivan, whoever you are, I think you're full of it.


Corie Potter-Lowden said...

you are hilarious.

Errant Gosling said...

You have a good blog here. I'm glad to have found it. I came here through 20SB.

M said...

Well, thanks. Here's to someone finding it..and liking it!