Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Shall Withold the Pickle

There is a man named Bob Farrell and he makes instructional videos for the service industry. I want to make this man go away. He is old and grinning and moaning, "Give emmm the pickle! Just give em the pickle!" and I despise him. The pickle is some metaphor for giving people what they want, the little extras make all the difference, blah blah.

In addition to loosely handing out pickles for all, Bob Farrell wants to "Make serving people your number one priority." As if this is some kind of holy revelation that will inspire servers, who serve people, to really rethink the true meaning of their jobs. He then proceeds to tell an anecdote about terrifying a bank teller by ripping the chained pen off of the desk when she explains that because people steal pens they have to permanently affix them. Receives hearty chuckle for whipping out a pen dangling from its chain and holder.

I bet you anything Bob Farrell only tips twelve percent on a good day.

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