Friday, January 16, 2009

Iron Chef = Iron Less?

When I read that the ladies of Comrags were collaborating with Susur Lee to create uniforms for his new Manhattan Restaurant, Shang, I genuinely wanted to throw away my stained-in-weird-places-but-i'm-too-cheap-to-buy-new-ones white blouses and go work for him in NYC. Not that I didn't have the desire to live in New York City already. And not that I wouldn't have worked for him in Toronto, but I'd prefer we didn't dwell on that point.

The truth is that I really respect an establishment that would a) hire Canadian designers for their New York restaurant b) afford to have them made and c) care enough about this kind of aesthetic. Plus, the servers are allowed and encouraged to include details that would personalize their outfits just a bit. And apparently, the uniforms look better the more you wash them. What kind of a genius freak idea is this? No drycleaning or handwashing only stipulations for your designer server dress shirt? Now that's incentive to wash my work clothes more than once a month.


reeraw said...

fascinating tid-bit: susur's wife (and interior designer of shang) is brenda bent, who was the co-designer of 80s canadian label bent boys. apparently, kendra francis did the server outfits for a recently-opened Liberty Village resto -- wouldn't it be great to have a spread on local designers service outfits?

M said...

Cool, I didn't know that! That's actually a fantastic idea about designer service outfits - I'd read it, anyway.